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Product Detail
Product Details
Motor Voltage: 36V Motor Power: 240W
Support Collection: Velocity Sensing Gear Disc Size: 48 Gear

A motor driving an outstanding characteristic of assembly is as follows:


The motor is 2000 turn / minute, two level transmission, 30:1 speed ratio, and the efficiency can be multiplied by the transmission. The climbing ability is 2 times that of the wheel motor.


4 Holzer sensor, the acceleration is soft and smooth, ultra low noise, more than 10% lower than the hub motor.


All aluminum alloy body, gear precision is greater than automobile transmission. Automatic clutch system, no magnetoresistance effect, real light feeling.


Through severe fatigue experiments, heavy 150KG tread more than 1 million times; waterproof IP54 under the condition of more than 2 hours; a continuous operation of 10000 km without failure.


It is installed in five - way position, which is suitable for all frame type, single point installation and convenient installation.

Type of motor

According to the size of the middle axis: 61MM, 68MM, 100MM, 120MM.

According to the voltage of the motor, 24V, 36V, 48V.

According to the power of the motor: 250W, 350W.

According to the structure of the motor division: single motor, motor, motor controller integrated grille.